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Shutters and garage doors

Are you looking to protect your premises or assets? Perhaps you want to protect love ones all employees at your company? Our range of services in garage doors provide exceptional security, safeguarding your property from intrusion, theft and damages.

Let London Metalworks supply you with a fully comprehensive security system. Our automated garage doors and shutters provide second to none protection against intrusion theft and damage ensuring your windows and doorways are protected at all times. No longer live in fear trust London Metalworks to commercially compliant shutters today.

Our automated shutters and garage doors will not only protect your property and belongings from intruders they will also guarantee you peace of mind, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your shift workers are safe guarded from any potential harm they may come in contact with on your premises. What’s more, our automated garages can be controlled from the safety of your car by the touch of a button.

An alternative choice is to put in continental shutters. Continental shutters offer a subtle but stylish way to secure your property. Not only do they provide a visual disincentive for burglars and intruders, they also offer homeowners and residents peace of mind at night and when away from home whilst maintaining unobstructed views from windows when not in use.

There are many benefits of installing shutters to your commercial premises. Adding protection to windows and doorways, they act as an obstruction to place which would otherwise be considered easy access. We recommend our clients to go for fully shielded options as these completely obstruct the view behind, or a design allowing you to continue advertising your brand and merchandise.

All of our shutters and garage doors can be colour matched to your preferences and the existing fixtures of the building. All come with manual override as standard and can be upgraded to include battery back-up.