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Mesh grilles

Mesh Grilles offer the ideal solution for a simple and cost-effective security addition to homes and buildings. They are one of the cheapest security solutions out there on the market when it comes to window and door glazing applications. Mesh grilles work in a similar way to fixed security bars and concertina security grilles, however they are much more affordable.

Even though mesh grilles are considered a slightly lesser level of security, our mesh grilles are tailored to fit your exact needs, offering a very satisfactory form of protection for your windows and doors. As well as being made to measure in perforated steel or expanded diamond mesh, we can also offer our customers mesh grilles which come in a wide variety of colours and cut-out designs, helping for you to achieved a desired look for the aesthetic of your home.

They are mainly implemented in order to prevent vandalism and protect the windows of your property, ultimately reinforcing the existing security features you have. However, mesh grilles can also be useful for obstructing views as they can be easily adapted for your needs. Consider one of our mesh grilles to prevent vandalism and protect windows, available made to measure.

We have a team of dedicated and professional individuals who will work with you in order to organise an appropriate plan of action once you have chosen your desired mesh grilles. We understand it can be slightly daunting when you are having work done to your home which is why we will communicate effectively with you in order to best prepare you and fit you in at a time that suits all.