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Intrusions Security Panels

Vacant properties often fall victim to the vandalism of inconsiderate individuals. For the many people trying to keep them secure and protect their property and premises, it can be extremely difficult and rather stressful. Regardless of the type of vacant property you may have, we have a security solution which will perfectly rectify any problems you may be having when it comes to unwanted intruders.

Our impressive intrusion security panels enable you to have peace of mind while your vacant property is protected from potential damage. These innovative and strong panels aim to prevent unnecessary repair costs for your property due to the likes of vandals and squatters through barricading any doors or windows in which people could climb through.

The perforated steel anti-intrusion panels we offer can be professionally fitted over doors and windows to inhibit access to any unauthorised persons. These panels offer excellent quality whilst being a clear and obvious deterrent to any intruders. We are able to carefully and quickly fit them across any openings into the vacant property which could act as an in for unwanted guests.

We understand how important it is for these properties to become as secure as possible, as quickly as possible, which is why we work hard at organising you with adequate intrusion security panels as efficiently as we can. You can also be rest assured that all of our work is carried out privately and professionally if you have any worries regarding disturbance or attention being drawn to the property.