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Collapsible Gates

Our range of collapsible gates provide the perfect, unimposing security asset against vandals, burglars and other intruders. They are an ideal addition for the likes of retail and food sectors, as they can be used as and when needed.

Our collapsible gates are extremely effectively, as well as being highly convenient. Their sleek design enables them to retract, taking up as little as 15% of the overall space covered when locked. Due to this impressive feature they hold, they have been extremely popular among shop owners; suiting their front door and window, as well as their delivery yard.

What makes our collapsible gates so great, is the fact they are so easy to use. They can be collapsed quickly and smoothly with no fuss at all. As well as this, they can be adequately concealed behind curtains and blinds, if required, to create a clean and professional finish for your surroundings.

Their useful and easy to use features also make them a welcome addition in restaurants and coffee shops, where an unobstructed view from the windows is paramount to customer’s experience; not only deterring criminals, but also providing optimum ventilation and vision.

The range of collapsible gates we have on offer are available in a selection of different styles and colours, helping to suit the aesthetic of your building appropriately. Particularly for businesses, we understand it is important to any added security measurements to fit in with the current design of the building in order for it to look aesthetically pleasing for customers.

Our team of reliable and experienced installers are able to fit your desired gates professionally and efficiently, saving you time and money. We understand the importance of working within allocated time slots to enable the best solution, working around your business opening hours.

If you need a cost-effective solution for security for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding our brilliant collapsible gates. We are proud to offer collapsible gates at highly competitive prices, offering cost effectiveness, quality and exceptional performance you can rely on.